September 29, 2016

Press Statement

1. We completely reject the charade, farce and outright travesty that has taken place in the name of the Edo State Gubernatorial Election. In the history of our Country, there have not been many instances of such an outright subversion of the will of the people.

2. Members of the All Progressives’ Congress (APC) and staff of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) have blatantly, and in absolute defiance of the principles of democratic governance, colluded to manipulate the results of the elections for the 9 LGAs announced so far.

3. Having carefully collated results from the 2,627 polling units across the State, we can categorically state that the results announced by the Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) do not represent votes cast by the people of Edo State. Results that are being announced at the INEC Headquarters in Benin City are completely different from what was collated at the Polling Units, Ward and Local Government Collation Centres.

4. For instance, the table below shows a comparative analysis of the votes validly cast by the people in Oredo LGA and the charade announced by INEC.

APC – 37,612
PDP – 30,492

APC – 22,110
PDP – 55,368

5. At this point, all Nigerians can see that INEC is determined to carry out its plot to announce results written for 9 LGAs before the conduct of the polls as we earlier alleged, and will do everything to subvert the will of the people and brazenly rape our democracy.

6. The results we have collated from the field for the 9 LGAs announced by INEC so far, show that we have secured a convincing lead over the APC, and its Candidate, and we are shocked at the results being announced by INEC. We are aware that the falsification of these results was supervised by Mr. Solomon Soyebi, an INEC Commissioner. We believe that the time has come for Mr. Soyebi to leave INEC after years of perpetrating acts of blatant corruption and outright manipulation of results at the behest of the highest bidder.

7. We ask Nigerians to hold INEC led by Professor Mahmood Yakubu, APC, Governor Adams Oshiomole and President Muhammadu Buhari responsible for any breakdown of law and order, destruction of public property or loss of life that may result from the reaction of the Edo people to this brazen subversion of their collective will.

8. It is important to note that at the rate at which INEC under President Buhari is going about the conduct of election, it will become unnecessary to contest for elections in Nigeria as the outcomes may have already been predetermined.

9. We foresee a situation where INEC and APC will attempt to replicate their actions in Edo State also in Ondo State and elections in other parts of Nigeria. This blatant manipulation of the will of the people is precursor to what Nigerians should expect from INEC under President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 general elections.

10. God bless Edo State. God bless Nigeria.


Prince Dayo Adeyeye
National Publicity Secretary